How Things Look – A Photo Update

The berry display in out market

Just a quick update this time.  I’ve been spending most of my time this last week picking cherries, so I don’t have much exciting to really talk about.  But I collected some pictures around the orchard, and I wanted to share them so you could see how everything is doing.  Things are looking good!

Ripe red raspberries
Red Raspberries are open for u-pick now!
Ripe Stardust Cherries
I’ve been picking our Stardust cherries for the last couple days.
Ripe black raspberries
Black raspberry u-pick will open tomorrow!
Ripe blueberries
The blueberries are doing really well. We’ve got them in the store now, u-pick in maybe a week.
Transparent apples on the tree
The Transparent apples are almost ripe.
Green Honeycrisp
The crop on the Honeycrisp looks great, but they still have a ways to go! End of August.
Green Redhaven peaches
A nice crop on the Redhavens, but they have a ways to go, too. About a month for them.
Green plums on the tree
The plum crop is a little smaller than normal, but we still have a fair amount.

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