The End (of Peaches) Is Near! Also Apples and Festival Dates

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Hi everyone,

The kids are back at school again, which means at the Orchard peaches are transitioning into apples.  Oh, and fall must almost be here.

So peach season is almost over.  Yesterday I started picking our second to last variety, Flamin’ Fury PF-25.  So we will still have a fair amount of peaches this week.  We also are in the middle of picking our last variety of nectarines, Fantasia, as well as our low-acid eating peach, Gloria.  But then after the PF-25s are done, it looks like we might end up having a short gap until our late Encore peaches are ready.  I’ll need to see how they ripen up this week…right now they’re still pretty green.

In the meantime, apple season is getting into full swing.  Here’s what we currently have available: Ginger Gold, Zestar!, Sansa, Redfree, Summer Rambo, Blondee, and (just picked yesterday) Gala.  The Honeycrisp are looking like they’ll be ripe within a few days.  Remember to check our What’s Ripe page to keep up with our always-changing apple varieties.

U-pick apples are looking like they’ll be open in mid-late September.  Also, our Apple Festival weekends this year will be September 23-25, Sept 30-October 2, and October 7-9.  We’ll have tons of different activities, including u-pick, wagon rides, food trucks, Wayne County Humane Society adoption days, apple butter demonstrations, and much more.  Some of the activities will only be on certain days.  Later this week I’ll get a tentative schedule posted to our Events page.

That’s it for this time.  You’ll be hearing from me soon with more news about the festivals, as well as the cidery.  Stay tuned.  And thank you.  So much.


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