Peaches and Other Crop Updates

Glenglo peaches on the tree

Peaches – As is everything this year, peaches are early!  We’re picking several varieties right now…Brightstar, Glenglo, and Flamin’ Fury PF-7 and PF-8.  There are a lot ripe, so I’m not anticipating too many supply problems in the market; hopefully we’ll be able to keep stocked.  We don’t offer peaches for pick your own.

Blueberries –  We still have a lot of blueberries left to ripen, so we should continue having them both picked and for u-pick for some time still.  If you’re picking your own, there are a lot of great berries out there, just note that some of our earliest varieties are totally picked out.  So when you get to the blueberry patch, make sure to go in a few rows before you try to pick.  We planted every two rows with a different variety, which means many various ripening times to spread our blueberry season out.  The first rows you come to are the earliest to ripen, and they’re picked pretty clean at this point.

Other berries and small fruit – We’ve come to the end on the black raspberries and the cherries.  There are still a few more red raspberries coming on, but we’re pretty picked out for this weekend. Hopefully by Tuesday we’ll have some more.  We do have some really nice red currants right now.

Apples – We still have a few Lodi left and quite a bit of Transparent.  Now is the time to get your green summer apples if you want to make some pies or sauce.  We’ve run out of all of last fall’s apples except for Red Delicious, Stayman Winesap, and McIntosh.  I’ll start picking our next summer apple, Pristine, in the next couple days.

This time of year things change almost every day, so we’re updating our What’s Ripe page every morning.

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