Pristine Apples and a Crop Update

Pristine apples in a bin

The heat is continuing to hurry everything along.  We’re ahead of schedule picking most of the fruit by almost a week still!  Hope you’ve been able to stay cooler than we have.

Apples – I picked the Pristine a couple days ago.  We’ve got a really nice crop this year, and they have pretty good size.  It’s a great baking and cooking apple, and once it ripens to the point of turning yellow, it’s got enough sugar to be pretty good eating as well.  We’re about out of Lodi, but we still have a decent amount of Transparent left, as well as some McIntosh from last fall.

Peaches – We’re finishing up picking our earliest varieties already.  We have a good amount on hand, and we’ll be moving into Redhaven and Starfire within the next few days.  We also have some delicious donut peaches this year, both white and yellow flesh.  They’re like a regular peach, but without the big pit, so they’re a squished shape…and they’re the perfect snacking peach!  I’ll start picking our standard white peaches within the next couple days, and our early nectarines shouldn’t be too far behind.

U-Pick – There are still a pretty decent amount of blueberries left to ripen, so they continue to be open.  The blackberries are starting to ripen, but they’re thorny, so I recommend a glove if you come to pick them.  What works the best for us is to take your gloved hand and move the canes out of the way and pick with your non-gloved hand.  Once you get it down, it works pretty well.  The red raspberries are pretty much done, except for the small second crop on our early variety that’s starting to ripen.  You’re welcome to mix whatever reds you can find with your blackberries, but if you come exclusively to pick reds, you’ll probably be disappointed.

Veggies – A lot of our summer veggies have been coming on the past couple weeks.  We’ve got summer squash, zucchini, broccoli, kale, and 3 different kinds of beans.  Cauliflower, cabbage, sweet corn, and a bunch of other things will be ready very soon.

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