This Weekend’s Orchard Updates

Hi everyone,

In a classic case of being careful what you wish for, we got some rain this week, but it came with a little bit of hail.  It didn’t ruin anything, but we do have a lot more to sort out now, mostly on the west side of the trees (the direction the wind was blowing from).  The good news is we now have a cidery, so anything in bad shape can still be put to good use.  It’s only been the second hail since we bought this place in 2004, so I guess I can’t complain too much.  Anyway, here are this week’s highlights:

Apples – We have 15 varieties of apples available in the market as I write this.  This week we picked Golden Supreme, Crimson Crisp and Jonathan.  Coming up soon will be our early strain of Fuji, Cortland, and Jonagold.

Peaches – We’ve done one picking of our last variety of peach for the season, Encore, and we’re currently sold out.  In the next day or two, we’ll go through and finish picking.  There’s not a ton left out there, so I don’t imagine they’ll last long when we do.

Pears – We’ve got both our European-type Harrow Sweet and our Asian-type Niitaka in the market now.

U-Pick – We’ll probably be starting a little bit of u-pick apples with Jonagold in a week or so.  I don’t have an exact date.  If we open for picking, I’ll post it all over social media, and regardless, by the next newsletter, I’ll know more.

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