Tart Cherry Ordering Is Online

Cherries hanging on the tree after a rain

It’s almost tart cherry time! Every year we get two shipments of tart cherries from Michigan in July, a week apart. They come pitted and in their own juice–no sugar or preservatives added–and ready to use. Since they’re perishable, we get just enough to fill the orders that we take. Last year the 10-lb. quantity was $21.50 and the 30-lb. quantity was $49.50. We won’t know the exact prices or delivery dates for this year until probably early July, but it usually doesn’t change that much.  So what we do is take pre-orders for how many you think you’d like.  In early July, we’ll call you with the price and delivery dates, and you can confirm you still want them.

Tart cherries orders are closed and delivered for the season.  Thank you to everyone who got them this year!

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