U-Pick Apples, Festivals, Honeycrisp, Pears and More!

Honeycrisp apples

Peaches – The bad news first. We sold out of the last of the Encore peaches this past weekend.  We’re done with peaches until next year.

Apples – Now the good news.  We’ve got over a dozen varieties of apples in the market right now, including Honeycrisp.  In the last couple weeks, we’ve picked Gala, Blondee, McIntosh, Jonathan, Jonagold, Grimes Golden and Crimson Crisp, to name a few. Fuji should be in the store within the next few days.

U-Pick Apples – The u-pick season has begun!  We’ll currently have Jonagold, Melrose, and Golden Delicious available.  For this first weekend and then throughout the season on weekdays, come into the store first to purchase your bag ($19/half bushel), and the cashier will direct you to the ripe apples.  Please note that the latest entry into the orchard is 30 minutes before closing.

Pumpkins – Our pumpkins are starting!  We’ve got pie and Ironman varieties in the store, and some Jack O’ Lantern types on the porch.  We’ll have some of our unusual varieties soon.  We are offering pick-your-own pumpkins this year, but just like last year, it will be on Saturdays and Sundays only starting Sept. 29.  This will coincide with our first Festival Weekend and the expanded apple u-pick that comes with that.  U-pick pumpkins will run every Saturday and Sunday from Sept. 29 through October 28th.  Latest entry into the pumpkin patch is 30 minutes before closing.

Cider – We’ve got our fresh-pressed apple cider available now!

More Fall – We’ve started picking our fall squash.  We have butternut, acorn and buttercup available now.  We also have decorative items like ornamental corn, gourds, and straw bales.

More Fruit – Back to fruit, we’ve got a great crop of pears this year.  Harrow Sweet and Niitaka are picked now.  Harrow Sweet is a Bartlett-type pear, but it tastes better.  Niitaka is an Asian variety.  I’ve still got Shenandoah and Olympic left in the orchard, so we’ll have pears for quite awhile.  What we won’t have for quite awhile are grapes.  If you haven’t tried our seedless tablegrapes, you should really do that soon.  They are absolutely outstanding.

Festival Weekends – Starting September 29th, please join us for our three Fall Festival Weekends! On Saturdays AND Sundays you can pick your own apples and pumpkins, listen to live music, drink cider (regular or hard), eat lunch (or dinner) at our food trucks, enjoy a variety of kids’ entertainment, and more! There’s no admission fee.  Follow this link for more info on each day’s activities.  Just like the last couple years, the Festival Weekends will offer additional u-pick apples and pumpkin picking on top of our hill.  We’ll have bags for the apples and wagons for the pumpkins up there.



One more quick bit of news.  We were featured on New Day Cleveland on Fox 8 last week.  David Moss came down to the orchard and cidery and we showed him around!  Here’s the link to the clips if you’re interested.  It was a lot of fun!

Well, I think that’s all I’ve got for now.  Thanks for reading.  Have a great week, and hope to see you soon!

6 thoughts on “U-Pick Apples, Festivals, Honeycrisp, Pears and More!

  1. Jim Cain says:

    One of the most beautiful views of scenic backdrop for a get away travel day in ohio. Rittman Orchards is in the middle of it all. A must see!!

  2. Charlotte says:

    I have always gone to other orchards in the area, but after visiting the website and seeing the news on Fox 8, I am interested in visiting Rittman orchard or our Apples and Pumpkin this year.

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