Asparagus and Bloom

Abigail eating asparagus

Spring at the Orchard means pruning all the trees, tons of planting, and bloom.  It’s probably the prettiest time to visit our farm. Here are a few shots I’ve taken in the last couple weeks.

Spring really can make or break us every year. Bees are critical for pollination in most of our crops, and just like people, they like warm, sunny days. Chilly, wet days can mean very little pollination happens. We’ve definitely had some of that, but thankfully we’ve had enough nice days, too, that it’s looking we’re setting a nice crop on just about everything (a little lighter than normal on peaches, but we should still have a lot of them this summer). Overall, things are looking pretty good this year.

Spring at the Orchard also means ASPARAGUS! We grow about an acre of asparagus, and we harvest it daily. It’s a labor-intensive crop, but it’s so delicious, it’s totally worth it. And so far it’s currently the only asparagus in the world that is Abigail approved, so I think that means it’s extra special. Though, I might be biased.

We also have a small amount of rhubarb. I’m working on getting my young plants established, so there’s not quite as much as I’d like. Please check the What’s Ripe page to see if it’s available.

That’s it for this time. I’ll post again soon about planting and a cool cider apple project I’m working on. Talk to you again soon and thanks for reading!

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