Berry Update

blueberries on the bush

We’ve come to the fun part of berry season where we have multiple berries to pick at the same time.  At 8am tomorrow morning (Saturday, June 29th) we will have strawberries, red raspberries, blueberries, AND black raspberries all open for picking at once! After that, it will depend on demand and how things ripen as to what we have open any particular day.  I update our What’s Ripe page every morning with what we have going on that day, so that’s your best source other than calling us (330-925-4152) to see what’s going on.

Strawberries – I’m planning on keeping strawberry u-pick open through Sunday, July 7th.  We’ve just started picking our latest (and probably our best) variety so we probably have about a week and a half left.  When you come to pick (after checking in at the market, of course), go about halfway up either strawberry field before entering the rows.  We plant earliest to latest, so below about the halfway point, you’d be in early berries that started producing about three weeks ago and are way past their peak.

Red Raspberries – Our plants have been having trouble meeting the demand we’ve had this year.  They’ll be open first thing tomorrow (June 29) morning, but after that I’ll have to evaluate how many berries are left before I can decide about Sunday.  As I mentioned above, you can always refer to our What’s Ripe page to see if they’re open that day.  We have several more varieties after this early one, so picking should go for a couple more weeks, though possibly not every day.

Blueberries – Only our earliest blueberry variety is ready at this point.  It’s the first two rows that you come to in our blueberry patch.  Luckily, they’re loaded this year.  They’ve been open a couple of days already and aren’t close to being picked out yet (though you might have to walk down them a little ways.  We have six more varieties after this one, so blueberry season will last several more weeks.

Black Raspberries – Opening tomorrow for the first time this season, the picking should be pretty good as long as you come early.  We tend to have a pretty high demand for black raspberries, so like the reds, they might not be open every day.  Black raspberries are a short season…only a couple of weeks or so.

Picked Berries – With the crazy weather, uneven ripening and high demand, we’ve had trouble keeping all our berries stocked in the market all the time.  If you don’t want to pick your own, please call to see if we have what you want.  You can also check the What’s Ripe page for this too, but if it’s the middle of the day and I’m out working in the field, I can’t always update it immediately.

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