Buckeye Country Creamery

We recently connected with Buckeye Country Creamery (Ashland, Ohio) to sell their dairy products in our market! We are very impressed with their products and proud to have them in our store. They specialize in a type of milk called A2A2. At the moment, we are selling four flavors in pint-sized containers: Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry and Whole Milk. We have half-gallon sizes of the Whole Milk and Cookie and Cream. And we are selling their delicious fresh mozzarella cheese. This sold out quickly after our first order, so we doubled our inventory this week! It arrived today and we have already sold six!

Buckeye County Creamery takes pride in producing premium, natural and American made dairy products. They produce REAL whole milk exclusively from their own cows, which are selected, because they have a natural protein (A2) not commonly found in all cows. The result is milk that’s easier to digest. The A2 milk is processed exclusively in their own creamery operations on the farm. The milk is ‘Vat Pasteurized’ at lower temperatures, which takes longer, but preserves more of the natural milk enzymes and proteins that are largely destroyed in normal, commercially produced milk…this also means the cream rises to the top just like Grandma’s used to! Make sure you give your bottle a good shake before you gulp it down!

We hope you come check out this awesome product. We love teaming up with and supporting other farms and local businesses.

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