Berry News

Hi everyone,

First off, we’ve started picking red raspberries! We’ll have some in the market again tomorrow by mid-morning. They will also be available for picking starting at 9am. You’ll need a different bucket, as they’re a different price than strawberries…they’re $4.50/lb.

As for strawberries, we still have a lot of really nice berries left out there. We’re just getting into our late varieties, which are usually the nicest of all.

Blueberries – We picked a few for the market on Sunday. They’re not open for u-pick yet.

If you’re interested in coming to pick, please check the night before to see what we’ll have available the next day. Unfortunately we can’t give much more advance notice than that. We’ve had an enormous amount of people this year, and had to close picking several days already. We update the What’s Ripe page and our phone message (330-925-4152) around closing time each day (although it’s possible we forgot to update the phone message Sunday night. I apologize). We also try to get info out there on social media and in newsletters as best we can.

If you haven’t come out to our store yet this month, please read this post that I wrote a couple of weeks ago. It will prepare you for the changes we’ve made in the wake of Covid-19.

On a different topic, we’ve been getting a ton of questions about the Michigan tart cherries that we get delivered every year. We still don’t know any details, other than they got some cold damage up there this spring. We are anticipating getting them again, but we don’t know dates or prices. If you want to be notified about cherries, please sign up here. We’ll call you when we have details, and you’ll be able to decide how many you want, pick your delivery date, etc.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got for tonight. Thanks for reading!  Talk to you again soon.

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