Peaches, Pristine Apples, and the Last Day of U-Pick

Hi everyone,

I’m back this week. I’ve got a few really quick updates about things on the farm.

First, our peaches are in. We’ll have our Flamin’ Fury PF-7’s in the market tomorrow, at least most of the day. Then I think Glenglo is up next. We have four varieties I’m picking my way through right now. None of these early peaches are completely freestone. But that doesn’t mean they’re not amazing, sweet, juice-dripping peaches…it just means I wouldn’t spend the extra time to can them.

Also, before I get a hundred emails…Redhavens are still several days off, maybe a week. It seems like things are still running late this year. But, so you know, we grow 20 some peach varieties, all of which we’ve selected to be the best at their ripening times. Try some of our other varieties. I would rate almost all of them at least as good as Redhaven. The really late varieties in September don’t always have quite the flavor, but other than that, they’re generally very comparable, if not better.

Second, I started picking Pristine apples last night, so they’re in the store now. Pristine is a very good baking and cooking apple. But it’s different from Lodi and Transparent in that it will actually ripen up with a decent amount of sugar. So it’s also a good sweet-tart eating apple once it’s yellow.

I’m adding apples back onto the site tonight since we have a good stock of Pristine available. So you can order them (along with peaches and tons of other things) for curbside or local delivery if you live in the nearby zipcodes (see this page for info).

Finally, tomorrow is going to be the last day for blueberry picking. There are still good berries out there to get, but they’re starting to run low. Rows 5-6 and 9-10 are the latest varieties we have, so they have the best berries right now. We’ll be open for picking tomorrow 9am-5pm. Anything not picked tomorrow, we’ll keep harvesting for our market, so we’ll still have already-picked blueberries available for a little while longer.

Ok, that’s it for tonight. As always, thanks for your interest in our farm. Stay safe out there!


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