Peaches, peaches, peaches

Hi everyone,

It’s Amanda again! 

So, what have the peaches been up to?  How are all the melons getting along with one another?  Are the plums and the nectarines here yet?  What are Abbie’s latest words? Ok, maybe not the last one.  But, all these questions and more will be covered in the next few riveting paragraphs. Buckle in. It’s going to get exciting.   

The gorgeous peaches in the above photo are our fresh picked white peaches. 
According to the Internet, peeling white peaches will enhance their flavor. Who knew?  They are wonderful fresh out of hand or sliced in both fruit and green salads. Serve alongside grilled meats or diced atop fish tacos for a sweet salsa. As a dessert, white peaches are great when paired with fresh cream or yogurt.  In my opinion, they have a more floral flavor than yellow peaches.  Now that I’ve just told you all that good information, please note that we have a small crop of them this year, so come get your hands on them soon! 
I can here you as I type this…”But, Amanda, where are the Red Haven peaches?”  I know, I know…those Red Havens are literally gold around here.  Unfortunately, our Red Havens are done for the season.  🙁  DON’T LEAVE!  Starfire is a fantastic peach!  Please give it a try. I promise Red Haven won’t be too jealous.  And next up in the peach line-up are Flamin’ Fury followed by Coral Star. These will be coming in the market within the next couple weeks.  As always, check What’s Ripe for a pretty accurate account of what’s in our market! We do our best to keep it up to date. 
So far, this has been all about the peaches.  Don’t worry, I am not going to neglect our fantastic roster of other produce.  We also have our very own Castleton Prune Plums, Nectarines, Sweet Corn and Melons in the market.  Boy, do we have melons!  We have melons coming out of our ears!  We have Musk melons, Charentais melons, Galia melons, Korean melons, AND watermelons!  And as Abbie says every time, they are very “joooocie!”
Now, let’s talk apples.  There are four varieties in the store at the moment, one of which is my favorite.  Pristine (I helped pick these!), Dandee RedSansa and Ginger Gold are available right now!  Sansa is a wonderful eating out of hand summer apple. We have a limited amount of Chenango Strawberry.  Coming up next, we have Zestar!  And yes, that exclamation point is part of it’s official name.  So every time I say it, I have to say it with enthusiasm and pep! 
The AMAZING blackberries from Wayne Knoll Farms are coming to the end of their season.  And I think that is about all the produce information I have for you right now.  As always, check out our online store to order 
curbside pick-up or local delivery! 

Thank you so much for your interest in our farm. Stay safe out there!


P.S. Oh, and for those of you who were hoping for an Abbie update… lately she’s been saying “I got it!,” “I did it!,” and my personal favorites, “Love you back!” and “Abbie joke!”  She devours our melons and peaches. 
And she NEVER stops moving! 

A quick note from our market!  We just got a new shipment of stationary and cards from Wrendale.  Come in and check out the new cards and some really cute new gift items. I added some to our online store so you can easily add a Birthday or Thank You card to your order!  

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