Don’t go, Peaches!

Hi everyone,

It’s Amanda again! 

Abbie tried to pick peaches with Dada today, but they were a little too high!  She still had a good time running in the orchard and stepping on all the “ucky” peaches on the ground.  

I have some really sad news for all you peach lovers out there.  We only have a few varieties left to pick!  The variety line-up is as follows: Flame Prince, followed by a few MessinaFlamin’ Fury 28 and then the last gasp of peach deliciousness will be Encore. We are not sure when we will run out of peaches for the season.  It is dependent on so many factors and too difficult to predict.  So, call before you come visit us to make sure we still have peaches, especially in a week or so.  

We are also plugging along with the apple varieties.  Chris will be picking Blondee in the next few days.  We should have our Gala out in the store near the end of next week followed closely by Golden Supreme. You can expect our u-pick apple season to start around Mid-September. 

Oh, I wanted to put a plug in for the Charentais melons!  If you have not tried one of these gems, come pick one up.  In my opinion, they are THE perfect melon.  The taste is similar to a cantaloupe, but the flavor is so rich and sweet.  They taste nothing like the watered down cantaloupes you get at the grocery store!  They are the perfect size for two people to split.  We love them because we can take one home and finish it in a night without a lot of left over melon to store in the fridge. If you try one, let us know what you think! 
Thank you so much for your interest in our farm. Stay safe out there!


P.S. For those of you here solely for news about Abbie, I have a cute story to share.  Every night before bed time, Abbie and Chris sit on our bed and “caulk” (which translates to “talk”).  Abbie says, “Dada, what you do day?”  Dada says, “I picked peaches today.”  Abbie responds, “I yike peaches!  What else do day, Dada?” Dada tells her, “I picked apples today!”  Abbie responds, “I yike apples!”  And this conversation continues for about fifteen minutes. 
It is the highlight of Chris’ day.  

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