Winter Fun!

So, we are a week into 2021!  How is everyone feeling?  I feel about the same! 

I was recently thinking about how people might wonder what farmers do during the “off-season.”  I had no idea before I started working with Chris. 
Turns out, there is a lot to do!  As they say, there is no rest for the weary! 🙂  

Lots of paperwork gets done in the winter since we have very little time to sit down and do it during harvest.  We also get a lot of cleaning, maintenance, organizing and re-organizing done!   At the moment, I am re-organizing our office.  We recently bought new fancy desk chairs, which might not be exciting news to you, but it’s made my 2021 already.  So there’s that! 🙂 

Chris spends a lot of his time outside pruning.  We are hoping to start filming videos of the work we do in the orchard.  I personally think educating the public on agriculture is really important and valuable. 
Look for these in the upcoming months!  

Although we are not harvesting during the winter months, we are still bringing in and trying to provide you a wide variety of quality produce.  You can always order online for pick up or local delivery!
In fact, I just added lemons, limes and mangoes! 


Another important part of the winter months is attending conferences to keep us up to date on the latest trends and practices in farming.  Of course, because of Covid-19, they have all been virtual.  The latest one we attended was The Great Lakes Expo: Fruit, Vegetables & Farm Market.  This conference has provided us with some great ideas that we are looking forward to implementing in the upcoming months and during harvest time.  It’s always exciting to find ways to improve our business!     

That’s all I have for now!  I hope you are all well. 

Come visit us soon–online or in person!   

Take care

Amanda, Chris & Abbie


Chris ordered from Sonoma this week and he picked out some awesome new flavors.  I am looking forward to trying the Butternut Squash & Tomato Sauce, but I might be the only one in my house… 🙂

Wintering Fun

New books have arrived from Adventure Publishing!  Are you looking for something to do during these dreary days of winter?  How about identifying winter weeds?  OK, it sounds a little silly, but also kind of fun.  I have always enjoyed being outside and knowing what kind of plants are growing around me.  This is also a wonderful time of year to set up birdfeeders.  The three white books are all Backyard Bird Feeding Series. You don’t even have to leave your home to enjoy nature and learn about the creatures among us.  🙂 

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