Can’t Have Too Much of a Good Thing?

Hello Everyone!

Ok, ok… I promise I will not make every newsletter from here on out about our new puppy, Cooper.  But look at him…he’s too cute not to share one more time.


For anyone who is curious, he is an Eurasier.  He will probably grow to be about 50-55 pounds.  Eurasiers are a primarily German breed started by Julius Wipfel, who wanted a dog that would show the adaptability and social behaviors of a wolf, but also be a wonderful family pet. Wipfel and other dog enthusiasts started the journey of trying to develop a family-oriented breed. Strict breeding plans and guided breeding resulted in the first litter of “Wolf-Chow” puppies through the cross-breeding of a Chow Chow and a Wolfspitz. In 1972, a Samoyed was crossed in to introduce its friendly nature and their offspring was named “Eurasier” to reflect the breed’s European and Asian heritage.

And that’s Cooper: friendly, adaptable and a wonderful family pet.  I will refrain from making this Cooper’s Weekly Newsletter…but I wanted to give a quick update. He is adjusting very well to our family and busy lifestyle. 
We love him.  Our cat, Toby, is learning to love him.  It’s still up in the air if our other cat, Eddie, ever will.  And we’re pretty sure Ava, our third cat, is going to love him from a distance.   🙂 
As far as the orchard and business, everything is going along as usual.  We are in the middle of working on some needed maintenance and care of the building.  Behind the scenes, we just added some new LED lights in our warehouse that might be brighter than the sun!  Our staff can see and sort the produce better and get their daily dose of Vitamin D at the same time.  🙂
We will also be making some changes in the store as well.  You will notice some of these and others will be more subtle.  We are committed to making our business a safe, clean and comfortable place to shop!
Until next week, be safe and eat lots of apples!
 Take care,

Amanda, Chris & Abbie

Rush of Gold

GoldRush. Tart. Flavorful. Crisp. Pretty much the perfect apple in my eyes. We have it in the market right now!
Its skin goes from chartreuse to dull saffron and can shrivel a bit, turning an already plain apple into a true ugly duckling. But the taste… oh, the taste! Even as it grows uglier, the taste sharpens to a point where each bite is an explosion of zingy, bright tartness. Yum!  Order for curbside or local delivery HERE.


Critter Apples? Ewe. They are not what you might think! They don’t have critters coming out of them. And just like Seconds, they are NOT the apples off the ground. Critter apples sort out a little smaller than Seconds. These 1/2 bushel bags are great for those who like to feed deer or give treats to their horses. They are hard to come by, as we don’t always have them in the store, but they are a great deal.

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