Newsletter: Coffee is Back!

Hello everyone!

Brrrrr.  It’s been really cold!  Our little snow angel had a blast outside on our bonus day off this week!  She must have made at least 15 snow angels around the yard.  Every time I turned around, she was on the ground waving her arms and legs. 🙂 Cooper is absolutely enamored with snow and will run around like a crazy banshee in our fenced in back yard.  It’s the most wonderful way to tire him out!

And exciting news!  I finally made a video of Chris giving a pruning lesson!  There is more about it below, including a link, but he shares a few tips for pruning a younger 4-5 year old trees.  Check it out and if you have any questions or feedback, let us know! 

We hope you have a great week!  

Take Care,

Amanda, Chris & Abbie

Pruning with Chris

Coffee is Back!

We are bringing back the self-serve coffee in our store.  It can be purchased at the register.  We use coffee beans from a wonderful place in Cleveland called Phoenix Coffee Co.  The Firebird is their house blend and includes coffees from Fazenda Sao Caetano in Brazil and Finca Esperanza in Guatemala.


I See You!

I am so excited about this upgrade in our market!  These doors go back to our warehouse and the restrooms.  And they now have windows!  
We also have new countertops.  Check the changes out the next time you are at the store!  It feels so good to get these little improvements completed! 

Mocha Honey Cream? Yes Please!

Yum! A new flavor from Bumbleberry Farms: Peppermint Mocha Honey Cream Spread.

Stir this into your coffee for a sweet treat. Spread onto a graham cracker for a sweet snack. Add some to your brownie batter for a sweet surprise. Or warm up and drizzle it over some popcorn…now that sounds amazing to me!

Potter Fans?

Know any Harry Potter fans? This Butterbeer inspired hot cocoa mix would be a great gift! A fun hot drink to have to warm up these cold winter days.


Cooper’s Corner

This is Sky. She is Matt’s dog.  (Matt is Chris’ brother who runs Bent Ladder). These two are becoming best buddies.  It is wonderful for Cooper to have a playmate at the orchard. They go on walks, play tug-of-war, and wrestle for what seems like hours. I always know Cooper has been playing with Sky when I come up for lunch and he is covered in slobber. 🙂 I can’t wait to watch this relationship develop.  

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