Newsletter: Playdough & Kid’s Items

Hello everyone!

Although warm weather is not the best thing for our orchard, it sure is refreshing.  We don’t want it to stay warm for a long period of time at this time of year because the trees and plants will start thinking it is time to bloom!  Not yet!  

Abbie and Chris went to the library together on our day off this week and then out for ice cream and the playground (or “pay-gound” as Abbie calls it.)  They had the best time.  I love when they are able to have daddy/daughter time.  

There is not too much to report at the moment.  I am working hard to get another video going this week.  I am thinking of making one to demonstrate how to buy apples at our store.   A lot of people walk in and are not quite sure where to start…so I thought it might help!  I will try to answer questions like: what bags to use, can mix the varieties, how do you know which apples are which when you get home?

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.  Enjoy the newsletter this week. 
I think there is some pretty fun stuff.  🙂  

Take Care,

Amanda, Chris & Abbie

In this video, I highlight a few of my favorite items from our children’s section. I love this area of our store and if you have not checked it out, come visit…you may be surprised by what you find! 

Make Playdough

My new blog is finished!  Learn how Abbie and I make this cool playdough kit.  We use a wonderful and easy recipe with only five ingredients!  Most of them you may already have in your kitchen! We create the colors for the dough in a really unique way.  Check it out! 


Smelling Good

I have been trying some new Crossroads candles in our house and I have a new favorite. I absolutely love Orange Clove! It has a clean, spicy, comforting scent. I light it as soon as we come home and settle into our evening routines. What are your favorites? Come out and find a new one! We have lots to pick from!

Cooper’s Corner

Cooper and Toby. Friends or foes? Time will tell.  Toby’s tail puffs up like a pineapple when he is playing with Cooper, but nobody ever gets hurt.  It is pretty fun to watch these two interact and bolt around the house, diving under tables and chairs.  Pretty soon poor Cooper won’t be able to fit under the furniture.  He is growing so fast.  

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