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I have mentioned before that Chris and I love puzzles. We loved puzzles before it was ‘pandemic chic.’ You might even call us puzzle nerds. Today, I am going to share our experience with a puzzle we sell in our store from eeBoo. eeBoo is an amazing woman-owned company out of New York. They sell more than just puzzles and I am in love with all of their products.

Today, I am sharing our journey from unboxing to completing this puzzle! Join us as we take a deep dive into puzzling with the Vodraskas.

Before we jump in, here is a video I found awhile ago. It fully supports my addiction to puzzles. I feel very validated.:)

Let’s get started…

We chose to do A Rainbow World, featuring art by Kelsey Oseid.  I was drawn to the rainbow theme.  And I thought all the labeled animals were pretty cool.  Have you ever heard of an Ebony Jewel Wing, a Sabertooth Longhorn Beetle, or a Siamese Fireback?  Me either, but there are some incredible creatures like these on this puzzle. The artwork is beautiful, the colors are vibrant and the pieces are high quality glossy cardboard.  

Now, whenever Chris and I start a puzzle, we do some preemptive organization.  This all happens on Day One, which is why we don’t get a lot of pieces put together.  First, we flip over all the pieces, pull out the edge pieces and roughly sort by color.  I know what you are thinking… and yes, this process is tedious and not the most riveting activity…but when you’re done…it makes doing the puzzle a lot easier and a lot less frustrating!  I think is it totally worth it.

To make life simple, we sort pieces into these Puzzle Sorter boxes. We don’t sell this exact brand in our store at the moment, but check out the Puzzle Sort & Save.  It’s the same concept, but the boxes are shaped differently.  These are a wonderful way to organize all your pieces.  When we are done sorting, we start assembling, starting with the border.

If you didn’t already get the idea of how deep the puzzle nerd description applies, let me tell you that we purchased a puzzle caddy.  You read that right. This one fits up to a 1,500 piece puzzle. Honestly, it was totally worth it.  Now, when we are done working on the puzzle for an evening, we simply stack the sorting boxes, close the caddy and store everything out of the way.  

We don’t have a lot of space in our house PLUS we have THREE CATS so every single piece has to be out of sight when we are done working.  Eddie, Ava or Toby never even get the chance to disturb it.  And as you can see from the picture below, Eddie is very interested in helping us. 

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

The puzzle is complete!  We only worked on it in the evening, after we put two-year-old Abigail to bed.  Depending on how exhausted we were and what time we got her to bed, we worked for an hour or so.  I don’t know how all of you feel, but to us, this is a very addicting hobby and it’s really hard to stop.  I won’t reveal how late, but we definitely have been up way too late working on puzzles many times. 

Overall, this was a really fun puzzle.  Did you know there are over 7,300 recorded species of frogs in the world?  I felt like half of them were on this puzzle!  It was an easy puzzle to sort because of the rainbow color scheme, but it was still challenging enough because a lot of the animal textures were similar.  We had a blast putting this together. And now we get to do our next favorite thing…pick out our next puzzle!

I hope you enjoyed this. Come out to our store if you need a new puzzle for your home.  We carry a wide variety of unique high quality brands and are always adding more.  And don’t forget to pick up a Puzzle Sorter to help organize all your pieces. Happy Puzzling! 

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