Newsletter: Something’s Been Puzzling Me

Hello everyone!

This newsletter is full of great content, if I don’t say so myself. 🙂 A video, a blog post and an adorable picture of Cooper?  What else could you want?  A little update about Abbie, you say?  Of course!

Last week, Abigail had a sleepover at Baba’s house (also known as Peg-Chris’ mom.) She had the best time! She took a walk around the orchard with Uncle Matt and Sky. She read books with “Guppy”, also known as Dale (Chris’ dad). And she watched a movie she calls “Spider Web,” also known as Charlotte’s Web. We are so proud of her self-confidence and ability to sleep away from home.
She is growing up too fast!

Personally, I am having a hard time believing it is already mid-March. Life picks up to warp-speed for our family once we hit May. I don’t know if I am ready! My prep for harvest season covers everything from making freezer meals to getting a cleaning schedule ready so I don’t lose my sanity. 🙂
We will see how it all pans out. I am sure it will all be fine.

Enjoy this mild weather we are having. See you next week!

Take Care,

Amanda, Chris & Abbie

There’s something puzzling going on at the Vodraska’s house. 
Click the button to read about it!

This video describes, in exhilarating detail, how to buy apples at our store. Warning: it may be too exciting for some viewers. But seriously, I give you some great tips on how to label apples so you know how to identify them once you get home. And I also explain what people do with Critter Apples!

Dot’s Pretzels

These are DELICIOUS. Well, I think they are delicious. However, when they came in the warehouse, someone on our staff bought both kinds and shared with everyone…then everyone bought their own bag. So, I am not alone.

Butterbeer Marshmallows

I recently shared the Butterbeer Hot Cocoa and it was a huge hit! I had to order more…so I added these Butterbeer Marshmallows! I am so curious.

If anyone tries them, please let me know what they taste like! 🙂 

Cooper’s Corner

Someone got there first bath last week.  He was not the happiest pup, but it could have been a lot worse.  Chris tried to use this ‘lick mat’ with peanut butter smeared on it to distract Cooper, but he was not fooled.  Now he is clean and fluffy as ever.  
His new favorite treat is a carrot stick.  It’s perfect because it takes him awhile chew through one so I can get more of my workout done before he starts chewing on my pony tail and jumping on my back! 🙂 

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