Newsletter: April…Snow? Really?

Hello everyone!

Well, I really have no idea what will happen to our crops after this weather.  I guess time will tell.  It’s quite stressful, but there is nothing we can really do but wait and see.  

Besides worrying about the weather, we had a pretty good week.  We have been exploring the orchard in our new Kubota four wheeler.  Check out what Abbie calls it in the section below!  🙂  In addition to four wheeler rides, Abbie is going on long hikes all the way to our property line with Baba, Uncle Matt, Cooper and Sky!  

That’s all I have for now.  Hopefully this is the last snow for a long time.  Have a great week!

Take Care,
Amanda, Chris & Abbie

Around the Orchard with Farmer Chris

“I spent today (4/17) planting odds and ends replacement trees. When a tree dies, we pull it and usually replace it with a new one. My tools are about as low tech as it gets…a shovel. You’ll notice in the picture that all of our trees are grafted onto (dwarfing) rootstock. Once I get a tree in the ground (with the graft union just above the dirt), I trim it back a little. I’ll see growth starting within a few days or so.”

Join Our Team!

We are HIRING!  Baby Abbie needs help!  

We are looking for hardworking individuals to work in our warehouse and outside in the orchard.  Please spread the word.  If you want more information follow this link:  

Three in a Four Wheeler

We bought a four wheeler for the orchard and it has been extremely helpful for Chris to use around our property.  He can drive it between rows and get to wherever he needs to go!  It’s a huge time saver! Abbie has also enjoyed several “Kumoto” rides, as she calls them.  What a fun way to adventure around the orchard!   

Cooper’s Corner

“Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses.” 
 – Elizabeth Taylor
He sure is a handsome leading man.  Even with a silly face.  He is getting bigger by the second, it seems.  We are loving his personality and his company.  My favorite is when I am cooking in the kitchen and he comes in to be near me and literally has to sit on my feet.  It makes cooking hard, but it’s pretty cute.  He is a joy and a comfort when we are going through stressful times.  🙂 

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