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Hello everyone!


The harvest season brings a lot of work and the need for a lot more staff.  We are looking for everything from berry pickers to market staff to warehouse staff.  If you are interested please think about applying.  If you are not interested, but know someone who might be, please pass along this information!

Go to our website and click on EMPLOYMENT to fill out an application.


This past Wednesday, I started the morning harvesting asparagus.  I spent midday pruning the blueberry bushes.  And late afternoon, Chris taught me how to prune the grapevines.  I love days like this.  I love doing things to help the orchard and to help our plants grow to their fullest capacity. 

The grapevines are fun to prune because they go from being a tangled mess to being a neat row of buds along the main cordon.  I also learned about grapevine bleeding, which is pretty cool!

I hope you all had a wonderful week.  As we creep slowly to June, we are keeping our fingers crossed that our early strawberry varieties made it through the frosts. 

Take Care,
Amanda, Chris & Abbie

Summer Job

Looking for a fun summer job that’s outside?  Or know someone?  We need berry pickers for the summer!  Hours are 8am-1pm.  We start in June with strawberries and usually need people until the beginning of August.  If you are interested, please apply online through our website!  We can hire from 15 years old on up!

Planting Hope

Last week Chris planted over 200 trees. Mostly peach and apple trees. He is finally done planting for the season!  
During one season, we plant about 2,000 new trees! After a day of planting, my husband comes home utterly exhausted. But what a gift to be able to participate in the regeneration of life…and hope. Running this orchard is extremely hard work, but there are many reasons we love it.

Come Work with Us

Looking for a friendly work environment?  Come spend time with us over the summer/fall season and get paid!  We need staff in both in our store (cashier) and in our back warehouse (prepping produce).  We are looking for hard working and reliable individuals.  If this is you, please apply.  We can provide both part and full time.  

I Heard it Through the Grapevine

This is what the cordon (the main vine growing from the ground) looked like before I pruned it.  It’s an impressive amount of growth for one year!  Grapes are really a satisfying plant to prune because you bring order to the tangled chaos.


Need jars? Need lids?

We have them.
$12.99/box of 12 pints
$14.99/box of 12 quarts
$4.50/12 lids


Sky Walks

Hello, my name is Sky. Want to come explore the orchard with me? My human, Matt Vodraska, runs our cidery, Bent Ladder, and takes me on walks every Friday and Saturday at 6pm with customers who want to learn more about our orchard! Want to join us? You can register on Bent Ladder’s website!

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