Newsletter: Come Pick with Us

Hello everyone!

The u-pick season has official started.  We had a RECORD BREAKING first day of u-pick this year.  The cars literally did not stop coming up the hill for a couple hours as soon as we opened the fields at 9am.  It was impressive.  We did our best with the massive amounts of people!

If you were here, thank you so much for your patience and understanding. 

We were so happy to see the positive comments, reviews and recommendations on social media after our first weekend of u-pick!  Thank you for these.  They mean a lot and help our business.  

The berries are gorgeous this year.  Large, red and juicy.  It’s also been fun to see pictures of what people do with them when they get home.  We’ve had people sharing pictures of their freezer jam, pies, and strawberry shortcakes.  It’s making me hungry just typing about it.  

Summer is a happy time at our orchard.

I hope you all have a chance to come out and pick.

So far this week, I know u-pick strawberries are open June 16th and both strawberries and raspberries will be open June 17th.

For all the details about u-pick please click on the link below:


And as always, we have curbside and local delivery available to you guys:  


Stay cool!
Take Care,
Amanda, Chris & Abbie

U-pick Raspberries

U-pick raspberries opened on June 13th!  They are amazing.  Come out and pick a bucket of strawberries and raspberries starting again on June 17th!  You will need two buckets, as you can’t mix the two.  What a fun afternoon to pick berries, grab ice cream, and sit on our porch enjoying the gorgeous view! 

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