Newsletter: You’re Such a Peach!

Hi everyone!
Things have been a bit busy here at the orchard. With the labor shortage, it’s been quite a challenge. But we are doing our best. Like the fruit on our trees, we are hanging in there.

Peaches are the name of the game this time of year. We are still at the beginning of the season and not quite into our full “cling free” or “freestone” varieties yet, but they will be coming soon.

For those of you not up on the peach jargon, which was me about three years ago, a “cling free” or “freestone” peach just means that the meat of the fruit falls/pulls easily off the pit when you open the peach. People who can peaches or make peach jam are more inclined to use this type of fruit because they are pitting many at a time and it makes for a faster process. There is no difference in the quality of the peach. Check out this link for more information…

Clingstone vs. Freestone

As always, we have curbside and local delivery available:  

PLEASE NOTE: This weekend is going to be our last weekend for U-pick berries. After Sunday, August 1st, our berries are done for the season.

Next up will be U-pick apples, but not until mid-September! Stay tuned!

Take Care,

Amanda, Chris & Abbie

Picking Peaches

I have been outside a lot these past two weeks helping Chris pick peaches. I have to admit, it is not my favorite fruit to harvest. It’s a lot more complicated than one would imagine. You can’t just go out one day and pick all the peaches off the trees. The peaches all ripen at different times on the same tree. You have to know which ones are JUST RIGHT. We go back about three times over several days to completely “clean pick” a peach tree. Chris and I are going to try and get a video out there of how we pick, but it just depends if we can find the time! 🙂
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Help Wanted

Want a job with flexible hours and a gorgeous view?
We are in need of help in our orchard. From thinning peaches to picking apples to harvesting vegetables there is always a lot to do on our farm.
We have part time and full time seasonal work available.
Please pass along this information to anyone you know who is looking for a unique and interesting work experience.

Kale Kale Kale

With Chris needing help out in the orchard, I have been learning about how to harvest a lot of vegetables that in the past (before I met Chris, of course) I simply picked up from the supermarket. Kale is a beautiful leafy green that is a hearty and abundant crop. I helped the other day to harvest this load of kale while Chris was picking basil for the market. I have learned so much since working on this farm about how food gets from the earth to our tables. It’s pretty amazing.

Donut Steal My Peaches

We now have our white donut peaches in the market. These are great for lunch boxes or snacks on the go! Pick some up today!



Cooper’s Corner

“A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down.”
-Robert Benchley
Recently, it was Christmas in July at Bent Ladder! Cooper and Sky both got to meet St. Nick. Sky was not too impressed, but Cooper seemed pretty excited!

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