Newsletter: Peach for the Stars!

Hi everyone!
You guys!!!!! Help! I can’t stop with the peach puns! It is driving Chris crazy! All he wants is some peach and quiet. But, you better believe when he gets upset, I simply stand my ground and say, “You wanna peach of me!?”And that…seems to make him more upset. I wish he appreciated my humor.

Oh well…

He still has a peach of my heart.

Sorry. I can’t help it.

OK, back to the important stuff…The Golden Child. The Cream of the Crop. The Cat’s Meow. These are a few nicknames nobody has ever given to Redhaven peaches, but people sure are excited when we finally have them in our store. It is clearly a gorgeous peach and sought after for its flavor and freestone quality.

It’s here. Come and get it. Before it’s gone…

And now we sell peaches in half-bushels for $36! So if you are looking to buy a lot of peaches, come pick some up today!As always, we have curbside and local delivery available:  

Take Care,

Amanda, Chris & Abbie

Winners of the Berry Picking Photo Contest

We had the best time going through all the entries for the Berry Picking Photo Contest. This year we picked a winner for strawberry, blueberry and raspberry picking. Below are our top winners. Prizes included a Rittman Orchards tee-shirt, magnet and sticker plus a $25 gift card. Congrats to our winners and thank you for all your entries!

I will share the runner up photos next week!

We can’t wait to try an Apple Picking Photo Contest in the fall!

I Know I’m Corny

Our very own delicious fresh picked sweet corn is in the market! Our family will be having corn on the cob every night until the season is over, how about you? I get teased because I’m told I use corn on the cob as a way to eat butter, but honestly, our corn is so good you don’t even need butter. Best way to prepare it? Boil water in a big pot, pop the husked corn in for 3 minutes, take out and if you’re like me…slather with butter. There’s nothing like it.
CLICK HERE to order curbside or local delivery

We A-peach-iate You

I told you, I can’t help it. 🙂
I’m trying to think of other things to write about in this newsletter, but we are really up to our ears in peaches right now.
Our musk melons are in the store. And Chris is outside, as I type this, picking Dandee Red apples, so they should be in the market here soon too.
But, peaches really are the star of August. And there is nothing like a local
juicy peach.
Ask Abbie, she eats about one a day. 🙂

Cooper’s Corner

The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”

-M.K. Clinton

Cooper’s new fun trick is jumping up on our bed. (With absolutely no encouragement by me…none…none at all.) And while this is not the best habit, there is nothing like cuddling a big fluffy dog at the end of a long day. And how can anyone resist THAT face?! 🙂 Seriously.

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    • Amanda Vodraska says:

      Yes! We emailed all the winners a few weeks ago! You can check the past newsletter on our webpage for details.

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