Newsletter: Pick Your Own Sunflowers!

Hey everyone!

Nothing like diving into a brand new project in the middle of a busy harvest season, but when the flowers are ready, they must be picked!

We are happy to announce that we are trying out a sunflower u-pick field this year! I am in the midst of putting all the details together as I write this…

Here are the details:

The field open different days from weeks to week. Please check the “What’s Ripe” on our website.

There will be a shed open for purchasing glass jars for $10. We also are selling galvanized vases for $25. You will receive a pair of scissor to cut the flowers, which will need to be returned before you leave. A jar fits about 8 sunflowers a vase fits over 20. Cash or credit will be accepted.

Since this is our first time opening a u-cut flower field, we are anticipating some kinks that might need to be ironed out as we go. But, we are hoping for a successful first season!

NOTE: You can also purchase sunflowers in our store for $1.50/each or online for curbside or local delivery!


On another note, we still have peaches! Although the beloved Redhaven are gone, we have a few lovely varieties left, including Coralstar, which will be in our market for the next couple of days. We should have our peaches available until at least early September!


As always, we have curbside and local delivery available:  


Take Care,
Amanda, Chris & Abbie


Yes! The exclamation point is part of the name of this apple! I am not sure why, but it is trademarked with it! So I feel like I should write this whole segment using them at the end of every sentence! Annoying?! Probably!
I will stop. But you should some out and pick up this apple, it is one of my favorite early harvest apples and a great eating apple for snacks and lunches! 🙂

Ginger Gold

Another wonderful early harvest (pre-September) apple, in my opinion is Ginger Gold. I love this photo Chris took at dusk after he finished picking a bin of Ginger Gold. It’s a mild sweet-tart apple with a hint of spiciness great for salads, eating, cooking and sauce.

The Best Melon “Picker”

Although bringing a toddler along to ANY activity tends to make it take twice or three times as long as it usually would, we find so much value in involving our daughter, Abbie, when we work outside doing tasks where she can find success! This past week we introduced her to picking melons. (In her case, carrying the melons Dada picked, but she still felt pretty important.)
Although she only wanted to carry the ones that were “not dirty,” she still had a blast and now knows melons grow on a vine on the ground!
Buy our orchard-grown melons in our store today. CLICK HERE

Winner Winner, Wine with Dinner!

Shout out to our sister (brother?) business, Bent Ladder Cider and Wine! Wow! Chris and Matt make a fantastic team getting those grapes from vine to bottle. If you have not been to our winery/cidery, you are missing out. 
“We could not be any happier to announce our winners from this year’s Ohio Wine Competition!
Double Gold: Bent White 2019
Gold: Vidal Blanc 2019
Silver: Moonrise White 2019, Bent Rosé 2019, and Noiret 2019″

Cooper’s Corner

“Dogs live about 12 years, and that’s why they discovered this brilliant philosophy: because time is limited, there is no time to be unhappy .”
-Mehmet Murat Iloan

What’s Cooper’s latest adventure, you ask? Oh, it’s thievery. That’s right. This is the face of an elusive and sneaky thief. (Now that I look at this picture, it does look a bit like a mugshot.) What does he steal, you ask? Bagels. Buttered bagels. From a 3 year old. That’s low, Cooper, really low. But we still love you.

5 thoughts on “Newsletter: Pick Your Own Sunflowers!

    • Amanda Vodraska says:

      At the moment, we have pick-your-own sunflowers. Open 9-12 through Saturday and 11-1 on Sunday. Check our website for when it will open next week, as we have not set the schedule yet.

  1. Lucille says:

    So..>.you pay for the sunflower container plus the cost of each flower, right. 25.00 for the galvanized container plus 1.50 for each flower ???

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