A Big Announcement and CSA Update!

If you follow us on social media, you might already know this, but Abbie has a big announcement to make. She is going to be a big sister this July! We are very excited to be welcoming a baby boy sometime between blueberry and peach season. We are very blessed and grateful.

In other news, although we are loving this recent warm weather, as farmers it makes us a little nervous because we don’t want our crops to get confused and start coming out too soon. This puts them at a greater risk of possible frost damage and other issues. While I enjoy this gorgeous weather, in the back of my mind I have to hope it goes back to typical March temperatures. Sorry! 🙂

Chris has been baking up a storm and if you have not come by to pick up some of his magical creations, you are missing out. Check out the newsletter for more on that.
As always, we have curb side and local delivery available to you on our website.
Have a wonderful day.
Amanda, Chris & Abbie

Unbelievable Brownies

That’s not the official name of these. I believe they are chocolate marshmallow brownies, but they are amazing. Just the right balance of a dark chocolate and sweet marshmallow. It’s certainly a party for your taste buds. You need to get some of these soon.

CSA Update

There was an overwhelming interest when I posted on social media about your opinions for a Rittman Orchards CSA program.
You now know we have a big (yet tiny👶) addition coming to our family in July, which is right around the time it would be perfect to have our CSA program up and running.
Therefore, we think we are going to use this year to pay attention to what crops we grow that could be part of this project and really map out how to make this a successful business venture for our family and our customers.
Although our CSA program will not becoming a reality THIS year, we REALLY love the idea and will work hard to make it happen, hopefully, next year. Thank you so much for your support, your patronage and your understanding. It’s about to get quite busy at the Vodraska household. 👶

Silk Good Enough to Eat

Our French Silk by is by far one of my favorite pies. It is creamy, chocolaty and delicious. Come treat yourself and pick one up today. We all deserve a treat after surviving the time change, am I right?

Cooper’s Corner

Wait, that’s not Cooper!? No, you’re right. It’s not. This is Sky. She is a wonderful and sweet Golden Retriever owned by my brother-in-law and talented pommelier, Matt Vodraska. Sky is Cooper’s #1 buddy and the two of them together is quite a sight to see. We are so lucky to have these two magical creatures in our family. And are so glad we can foster and model a love of animals for our daughter.

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