Newsletter: Asparagus for the Rest of Us

Hi everyone!
And so it begins!
Harvest 2022 is up and running.
It’s about to get a lot more crazy here and we are ready…I think. 🙂
Asparagus is the first spring vegetable to make an appearance at our farm. It’s always exciting, not only because it is delicious, but it means our busy season is about to begin. The orchard is buzzing with excitement (and honeybees too!)
For curbside or local delivery of our asparagus: ORDER HERE.

We are still looking for summer help. PLEASE if you know anyone who wants to join a wonderful team of workers and work at a great orchard, send them to the link below. We especially are in need of hard working high schoolers who are willing and able to pick berries.

And if you find any typos in the descriptions, blame me (Amanda). I swear my pregnancy has robbed me of a few brain cells. I found a few the other day after it had been posted for a few weeks.
How embarrassing!

As always, we have curbside and local delivery available to you on our website.
Have a wonderful day.

Amanda, Chris & Abbie

Our Best Helper

Abbie loves going up and down Chris’ ladder. This week was a cherry pruning week and Abbie was more than happy to tell Dada which branches to cut! She said, “I’m the boss when I’m at the top of the ladder!”
Abbie’s getting the full experience of being a farm/orchard girl as the weather warms up. She loves finding her Dada in the orchard when I bring her back from school. We drive all over the property looking for his Kubota and she runs out to hug him when she spots it.

Pruning Grapes

In addition to getting our market ready for the busy season coming up, I also have learned a little bit about how to prune various crops on our farm. There is something so therapeutic and satisfying about pruning. I feel like I am helping a living creature thrive. That might sound crazy, but the combination of being outside and caring for our land is pretty powerful. These are pictures of what the grapevines look like before and after I finish pruning them.


Need a gift basket for someone special? Mother’s Day is coming up here soon. Call our store (330-925-4152) and we can put together a custom basket with apples and other goodies from our market. Prices range from $50-$75. Pick-up only.


Have you ever seen a cuter face? Ugh. He knows it too! Cooper is doing really well at doggie school with Chris. He still jumps over the couch at the house instead of walking around, but we are looking for progress, not perfection.
He and Abbie are WONDERFUL together and it is a true joy to watch them run around the house. There is truly nothing like the love of dog.

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