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Hey Everyone!

It’s really winter now.

I think it was 5 degrees on our outdoor thermostat yesterday. I mean, it’s January in Ohio, so I am not surprised. But, seriously…brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Yesterday, we took down our Christmas decorations at the house. The tree, the mantle trinkets, the window decals, the random Santas and garland around our home. It always feels like such a big accomplishment when I do this. And the rooms feel bigger too. Abbie noticed this too and got out her new roller skates! What’s more fun than roller skating around the house when it’s freezing outside?

In fact, she had so much fun (and needed more room than our very small living room), that we took her to the North Canton Skating Rink on her day off from school. Along with every other child that had the day off! It was very busy, but we had a blast. She is a natural on skates. Anyone else like to roller skate?

Anyway, enough about us…want to learn about some more apples? I have two for you this week! The photo above it an Idared. Very popular, old fashion apple.

Here’s more:

Idared was originally developed at the University of Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station in 1942! It’s a cross between two New York developed apples, Jonathan and Wagener. It’s an old-fashioned, well-established firm, sweet-tart apple absolutely perfect for sauces (cook with skin and strain for a gorgeous pink color), pies and cakes. I know this because my mother-in-law uses it a lot in her baking. And how much more convincing do you need to try an apple than the word of the orchard’s matriarch?

This apple is harvested in September, remains durable and hardy through January and will even last beautifully well into June if stored properly. According to one US Apple Association survey, it is one of the top 15 most popular apple in the country.

Have a wonderful week. Stay cozy and warm the best you can.


Amanda, Chris, Abbie and Ollie

This is GoldRush. *cue awe inspiring music*

The apple of all apples. Before I met my husband, I didn’t know an apple could taste this amazing. Bursting with flavor- a tart start and sweet finish-this apple is great for eating, baking, applesauce, and cider making. The flavor mellows and sweetens as they mature and they keep beautifully in the refrigerator for months.

It originated from a collaboration between Indiana, Illinois and New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Stations in 1973. They used the seed of a Golden Delicious apple and pollinated it with various other apple cultivars including, Melrose, Rome Beauty, Siberian Crab and Winesap. It was bred to be resistant to apple scab and mildew. It is a late season harvest apple, so once we run out, you have to wait until October 2024 to get more!

Pastabilities makes these darling shaped pastas and we love them here at the orchard. Not only are they cute, but they are a high quality product. I use it pretty much every week to make dinner for the kids. I am ALL for easy quick meals at our home. I use creamy alfredo sauce from a jar with the pasta, cut up some apples, heat up some frozen peas and done. Dinner is ready.

And lucky for all of you, we have a bunch of leftover Christmas pastas that are on SALE right now! Come get them before I take them all home! LOL!

Oliver Update

It’s time. I don’t really want to, but it’s getting into his eyes and tickling his ears. Oliver is getting his first hair-cut tomorrow. He is 18 months old. Anyone else get sad when they gave their baby’s their first haircut? I took lots of pictures and will save a lock, of course. But my mama heart strings are being pulled hard. My sweet little baby boy is growing up.

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