The following is a list of the apple varieties we currently grow and sell from our orchard. You can also get a printable pdf version here. The recommended uses are here to provide you with an idea of what each variety is commonly used for, but your personal preferences might be very different. Please click on the variety names for more details.

Ripening dates are approximate and vary year to year.  To see what is currently available, visit our What’s Ripe page.

VarietyDescriptionRipening GroupUses
Yellow TransparentTart, crispA - Early JulyAll-purpose
LodiTart, somewhat firmA - Early JulyBaking, sauce
PristineSweet-tartB - Mid-late JulyAll-purpose
Dandee RedSweet-tart, semi-tenderC - Early AugustEating, cooking
Chenango StrawberryMildly tart, hint of strawberry taste and aromaD - Mid AugustEating, sauce
SansaSweet, crunchy, juicyD - Mid AugustEating
Ginger GoldG. Delicious type, but tangierD - Mid AugustAll-purpose
Zestar!Sweet-tart, crunchy, juicyD - Mid AugustEating, cooking
St. Edmunds PippinJuicy, crisp, rich flavorD - Mid AugustEating, cider
Summer RamboJuicy, tart, aromaticE - Mid-late AugustEating, sauce
HoneycrispSweet-tart, very crunchy and juicyE - Mid-late AugustEating
BurgundyTart, crispF - Late Aug - early SeptAll-purpose
SummersetSweet-tart, crisp, juicyF - Late Aug - early SeptEating
BlondeeSweet, crunchy, juicyF - Late Aug - early SeptEating
GalaSweet, crispF - Late Aug - early SeptEating
Pink PearlSweet-tart, crisp, bright pink fleshF - Late Aug - early SeptAll-purpose
Swiss GourmetSweet-tart, juicyF - Late Aug - early SeptAll-purpose
SweetieSweet, crunchyF - Late Aug - early SeptEating
SunburstSweet-tart, crispy, juicyF - Late Aug - early SeptAll-purpose
Twenty OunceTender, juicy, tartG - Early SeptemberCooking, baking
Golden SupremeSweet, early G. Delicious typeG - Early SeptemberEating, cooking
Autumn CrispJuicy, sweet-tart, slow to brownG - Early SeptemberEating, salads
Crimson CrispCrunchy, sweet, spicyG - Early SeptemberEating
McIntoshMildly tart, spicy, very tenderG - Early SeptemberEating, cooking
RubinolaCrisp, sweet-tart, doesn't brownG - Early SeptemberEating
CortlandMildly tart, tender, slow to brownH - Mid SeptemberCooking
JonathanTart, firmH - Mid SeptemberEating, baking
JonagoldSweet-tart, crispH - Mid SeptemberAll-purpose
FujiSweet, very crunchy, juicyH - Mid SeptemberEating
Erwin BauerTart, very crunchy, complex flavorH - Mid SeptemberAll-purpose
Abbie's AppleSweet-tart, crunchy, fruit punch-like flavorI - Mid-late SeptemberEating
Crimson GoldSweet-tart, crispI - Mid-late SeptemberEating, baking
King DavidSpicy, juicy, firmI - Mid-late SeptemberAll-purpose
PinovaSweet-tart, crisp, juicyI - Mid-late SeptemberAll-purpose
SpigoldCrunchy, sweet and tartI - Mid-late SeptemberAll-purpose
ElstarSweet-tart, crunchyI - Late SeptemberEating, cooking
EmpireSweet, crisp, juicyJ - Late SeptemberAll-purpose
RosaleeSweet, crunchyJ - Late SeptemberEating
Rhode Island GreeningFairly tart, firmJ - Late SeptemberCooking, baking
HolidaySweet-tart, crisp, slow to brownJ - Late SeptemberEating
Golden DeliciousSweet, crisp, juicyJ - Late SeptemberAll-purpose
ShizukaSister of MutsuJ - Late SeptemberAll-purpose
Mutsu 2.0Sweet-tart, crunchy, juicyJ - Late SeptemberAll-purpose
Karmijn de SonnavilleHuge flavor, extremely sweet-tartJ - Late SeptemberEating, juice
Grimes GoldenSweet-tart, tangyJ - Late SeptemberAll-purpose
NY 428Sweet-tart, juicyJ - Late SeptemberAll-purpose
Red DeliciousSweet, juicyJ - Late SeptemberEating
Hidden RoseSomewhat tart, crisp, red fleshJ - Late SeptemberAll-purpose
ScruffyScruffy appearance, but big flavor. CrunchyJ - Late SeptemberAll-purpose
Crunch-A-BunchSwee-tart, notes of tropical fruitJ - Late SeptemberAll-purpose
Crimson TopazSweet and tart, very crunchyK - Late Sept - early OctEating, cooking
King LusciousSweet, tart, crispK - Late Sept -early OctEating, cooking
IdaredTart, firmK - Late Sept - early OctEating, baking
MelroseCrunchy, excellent sweet-tart balance, juicyK - Late Sept - early OctAll-purpose
Northern SpyTart, crunchyK - Late Sept - early OctBaking, sauce, cider
Esopus SpitzenburgSweet-tart, juicy, crispK - Late Sept - early OctEating, cider
White Winter PearmainRich, balanced flavor, tenderL - Early OctoberEating
CandycrispSweet, pear-like flavorL - Early OctoberEating, baking
EnterpriseMildly tart, firmL - Early OctoberAll-purpose
AmbrosiaSweet, floral notesL - Early OctoberEating, cooking
CameoCrunchy, excellent sweet flavorM - Early-mid OctoberEating
York ImperialAromatic, tart, juicyM - Early-mid OctoberBaking, dried
Calville Blanc d'HiverTender, spicy, sweetM - Early-mid OctoberEating, pastry
BraeburnSweet-tart, very crunchyN - Mid OctoberEating
Westfield Seek-No-FurtherSlightly tart, rich, juicyN - Mid OctoberEating, dried
Golden RussetHigh sugar, tart, crunchyN - Mid OctoberAll-purpose
LudacrispCrunchy, juicy, fruit punch-like flavorN - Mid-OctoberEating
Stayman WinesapComplex flavor, tart, firmN - Mid OctoberBaking, cooking
Pink LadyMild, nice crunch, juicyN - Mid OctoberEating
EverCrispSweet, very crunchy and juicyO - Mid-late OctoberEating
Granny SmithTart, firmP - Late OctoberCooking, baking
GoldRushExtremely sweet-tart, very crunchyP - Late OctoberAll-purpose