Flavor: Tart

Approximate Ripening: Late August – Early September

Uses: Eating, cider

Trivia: Originated from a cross between Macoun and Antonovka, made in 1953 at the NY State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, NY.  Burgundy came to market in 1974.

Notes: The name “Burgundy” implies a vinous flavor, yet the apple is tart rather than vinous.  “Burgundy” refers not to the apple’s flavor as to its appearance.  The skin truly carries a burgundy hue.  The pigmentation is so strong, in fact, that it often bleeds into the white flesh, staining it burgundy, too.  You’ll not find a more attractive apple.  Burgundy has a very short season and does not keep well, but it is well worth seeking out during its window for its superlative tart flavor and gorgeous aesthetics.