Erwin Bauer

Flavor: Sharp, tart, and tropical, with banana and pineapple overtones

Approximate Ripening: Mid September

Uses: Eating, baking

Trivia: World War II saved the world from Hitler’s tyranny, and it also brought a superlative apple to the U.S.  Erwin Bauer was first raised in 1928 in eastern Germany (not yet East Germany; that state didn’t come into existence until after the war).  The apple may have remained a regional delight if not for its post-war discovery by occupying forces.  Enamored by this delicious fruit, they helped Erwin Bauer reach the world market in 1955.

Notes: Apples like Erwin Bauer are why it’s worth your time to make a Rittman run.  While it remains a hit in its native Germany, it’s rare to find this delicious and unique apple in the United States.  This hidden treasure combines classic apple tartness with appealing tropical overtones.  Note the banana and pineapple coming through as you chew, adding to Erwin Bauer’s complexity.  Discuss it with your friends as you share—and you’ll want to share, because Erwin Bauer is a big apple, indeed.