King David

King David

Flavor: Complex, featuring a spicy vinous flavor and a healthy sweet-tart balance

Approximate Ripening: Mid-late September

Uses: Eating, cooking, cider

Trivia: Discovered by the Stark brothers of the famous Stark Brothers Nurseries on a trip through the Ozarks of Arkansas in 1893.  Most agree that Jonathan is one of King David’s parents.  The other is believed to be Winesap or (more likely) Arkansas Black.

Notes: A gem of yesteryear.  They don’t make them like this anymore.  Take a moment to savor the sights and smells of this beauty before you bite into it.  Notice the apple’s aroma—like a fine wine—and its beautiful dark red skin, sometimes with a speckled russet cap on top.  The flavor is difficult to describe because of its deep complexity.  There is an undeniable Jonathan tartness to it, yet King David is far spicier than its parent and has a sweet balance to it.  Before disappearing into historical obscurity, King David’s second parent gifted it with vinous overtones that make King David a truly exceptional eating and cider apple.