Flavor: Mild tartness, with a hint of vinous flavor

Approximate Ripening: Early September

Uses: Eating and all-purpose cooking

Trivia: Discovered by John McIntosh while clearing an overgrown plot on his Dundela, Canada farm in 1811.  The McIntosh family didn’t begin selling their discovery until 1835, and commercial production didn’t begin until 1870.  During its heyday in the early 20th century, McIntosh was arguably the most popular apple in northeast America.  And yes, this is the fruit responsible for the naming of one the most popular personal computer lines in history.

Notes: McIntosh’s greatest contribution may be the many delicious modern varieties it has parented, but sometimes you just want to enjoy a good old traditional apple.  When that moment strikes, look no further than this classic.  It’s a looker, too, with crimson skin and creamy flesh.