NY 428

NY 428

Flavor: Tangy sweetness with strong brown sugar and berry overtones and a hint of vinous flavor

Approximate Ripening: Late September

Uses: Eating, pies

Trivia: Developed by Cornell University in 1962, a cross between Empire and Northern Spy.  While its sister apple, NY 429, was getting all the love and an official name (Fortune), nobody bothered to bestow a moniker on poor NY 428.  This is terribly unfair, as Fortune lacks NY 428’s complexity and tangy sweetness.

Notes: You can’t find an uglier duckling in the apple world.  Large, squat, lopsided, and ribbed, this apple isn’t much to look at.  Even its non-name screams to its unloved nature.  Why should we pay attention to an apple that not even a mother could love enough to name?  Because when you bite into it, you’ll find that ugly duckling is really a beautiful swan.  NY 428 has one of the most complex flavor profiles you’ll find.  The underlying tangy sweetness is augmented by tropical notes of sugar-coated berries, and there’s a little hint of vinous flavor in there, too, thanks to its Empire parent.  Truly, this apple has a little bit of everything to it.  The only thing it lacks is a name!  Since its sister apple is Fortune, perhaps this glorious tasting apple should be called “Glory.”