Red Delicious

Red Delicious

Flavor: Mild sweetness

Approximate Ripening: Late September

Uses: Eating

Trivia: Discovered by farmer Jesse Hiatt in 1880 in Peru, Madison County, IA.  Mr. Hiatt originally dubbed the apple Hawkeye.  Stark Brothers Nurseries purchased the rights from Mr. Hiatt in 1892 and renamed the apple Stark Delicious.  When Stark Brothers bought the rights to Golden Delicious in 1914, they bestowed the new name of Red Delicious on Mr. Hiatt’s find.  Red Delicious grew to such popularity that it accounted for 75% of Washington state’s apple exports in the 1980s, though it has made way for newer varieties in later years.

Notes: Red Delicious may be the quintessential “display fruit.”  No other apple looks more … well, apple-y, and a table set with a bowl of Red Delicious is guaranteed to appear warm and inviting.  Red Delicious carries a refreshing, mild sweetness, making it a great snack when you prefer something not so overpowering.