Flavor: Uniquely spicy with a zippy aftertaste

Approximate Ripening: Mid August

Uses: Eating, baking, cooking, salads, candied apples; use in any dish that call for a flavor punch

Trivia: Yes, you must include the exclamation point!  That’s part of the University of Minnesota’s trademark on the apple, released in 1998.  In England, this apple is known as Flavar.

Notes: If you can forgive the lack of crunch, you’ll not find a zippier early-season apple than Zestar!  It has a flavor unlike any other: bold, sharp, spicy, with an undertone that’s almost like nibbling on sugar.  Note that zesty kick on the back end; now you know how this apple got its name.  A delight for the adventurous apple connoisseur; there isn’t anything quite like a Zestar!