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Newsletter: NEW! EverCrisp Apple Boxes

A box of our finest EverCrisp apples

Hi everyone! You can now send our EverCrisp apples!You can now ship a box of our amazing EverCrisp apples to family and friends. These crisp, flavorful apples are wonderful gifts for the holidays and are an especially perfect gift for any snowbirds you know!(We send a lot of boxes to Florida.)Please click below to order one today.CLICK […]

Newsletter: Pie Order Deadline Extended

Hi everyone! Guess what?! We have extended the deadline for ordering Thanksgiving pies!!You can call us (330-925-4152) or order online. All Thanksgiving pies must be pre-ordered and pre-paid.The NEW deadline for Thanksgiving orders is November 20th, 5pm.ORDER PIES HEREHave a wonderful day!Chris, Amanda, Abbie and Ollie Visit our Website

Newsletter: Asparagus for the Rest of Us

Hi everyone! And so it begins!Harvest 2022 is up and running.It’s about to get a lot more crazy here and we are ready…I think. 🙂Asparagus is the first spring vegetable to make an appearance at our farm. It’s always exciting, not only because it is delicious, but it means our busy season is about to […]

Newsletter: Pick Your Own Sunflowers!

Hey everyone! Nothing like diving into a brand new project in the middle of a busy harvest season, but when the flowers are ready, they must be picked! We are happy to announce that we are trying out a sunflower u-pick field this year! I am in the midst of putting all the details together […]

Newsletter: Peach for the Stars!

Hi everyone! You guys!!!!! Help! I can’t stop with the peach puns! It is driving Chris crazy! All he wants is some peach and quiet. But, you better believe when he gets upset, I simply stand my ground and say, “You wanna peach of me!?”And that…seems to make him more upset. I wish he appreciated […]

Newsletter: You’re Such a Peach!

Hi everyone! Things have been a bit busy here at the orchard. With the labor shortage, it’s been quite a challenge. But we are doing our best. Like the fruit on our trees, we are hanging in there. Peaches are the name of the game this time of year. We are still at the beginning […]

Newsletter: New U-pick Hours

Hi everyone! I am sending out this email for a quick reminder and an update.Tomorrow (7/18) is the last day to enter photos in our Berry Picking Photo Contest. The details are below:We started this contest before Covid and we are excited to try it again this year.We are doing it a little differently this […]

Newsletter: 2021 Berry Picking Photo Contest

Hi everyone! We are excited to announce our 2021 Berry Picking Photo Contest!We started this contest before Covid and we are excited to try it again this year.We are doing it a little differently this year. Rather than awarding a simple first, second and third place prize, we are picking a favorite blueberry, raspberry AND […]