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Newsletter: Ohio Farmer and Proud of It

Hello everyone! What a difference a week makes!  This photo was taken exactly a week ago during that freak snow storm!  Nothing like the weather in Ohio to keep you on your toes.   It is has been HOT these last couple of days.  There are actual flowers blooming on the cherry trees!   We have to […]

Newsletter: Playdough & Kid’s Items

Hello everyone! Although warm weather is not the best thing for our orchard, it sure is refreshing.  We don’t want it to stay warm for a long period of time at this time of year because the trees and plants will start thinking it is time to bloom!  Not yet!   Abbie and Chris went to […]

Newsletter: Winter Orchard Tour

Hello everyone! If you can’t tell, or have not watched them yet, I am having a blast making videos for our orchard!  It is so much fun to run around the farm looking for things to film and share with you guys.  I have a lot of ideas for upcoming videos, so stay tuned. This […]

Newsletter: A Few of My Favorite Things!

Hello everyone! I feel like it’s been awhile since we introduced ourselves to our new subscribers.   Hi!  We are Chris and Amanda Vodraska.  Chris and his family (mom, dad and brother) bought Rittman Orchards about 15 years ago and transformed it into what you see today!  The winery, Bent Ladder, was added three years ago, a […]

Newsletter: Coffee is Back!

Hello everyone! Brrrrr.  It’s been really cold!  Our little snow angel had a blast outside on our bonus day off this week!  She must have made at least 15 snow angels around the yard.  Every time I turned around, she was on the ground waving her arms and legs. 🙂 Cooper is absolutely enamored with […]

Sunshine and Honeybells

Hello everyone. Another week, another newsletter!  Yay consistent me!  This week started off snowy and blustery.  I hope everyone stayed safe and cozy.  I love the view in the winter from our store.  Especially when the sun is shining and it pours in the windows.   The one thing about posting weekly in the winter is […]