Upcoming Events:

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Available For Picking:

We have both strawberries and red raspberries open for picking today. The fields are wet, but there are lots of berries. You will have to park at the market and walk up to the fields today. Wear your galoshes!

You can bring your own non-glass containers to pick into, or we will have 5 quart buckets for sale. Raspberries and strawberries are different prices, so if you’re picking both, you will need two separate containers. We weigh your containers before and after you’re done (so make sure to check in before entering the field), so we only charge you for the berries you pick.

Sorry, but we don’t u-pick our cherries. We don’t have enough.

Fall Festival Weekends
Every Saturday and Sunday from September 21 – October 12

Apple bins in the warehouse

Our annual Fall Festival weekends will be held for four weekends starting September 21st this year. We’ll get more details posted soon!