Newsletter: Pick Your Own Sunflowers!

Hey everyone! Nothing like diving into a brand new project in the middle of a busy harvest season, but when the flowers are ready, they must be picked! We are happy to announce that we are trying out a sunflower u-pick field this year! I am in the midst of putting all the details together […]

Newsletter: Peach for the Stars!

Hi everyone! You guys!!!!! Help! I can’t stop with the peach puns! It is driving Chris crazy! All he wants is some peach and quiet. But, you better believe when he gets upset, I simply stand my ground and say, “You wanna peach of me!?”And that…seems to make him more upset. I wish he appreciated […]

Newsletter: You’re Such a Peach!

Hi everyone! Things have been a bit busy here at the orchard. With the labor shortage, it’s been quite a challenge. But we are doing our best. Like the fruit on our trees, we are hanging in there. Peaches are the name of the game this time of year. We are still at the beginning […]

Newsletter: New U-pick Hours

Hi everyone! I am sending out this email for a quick reminder and an update.Tomorrow (7/18) is the last day to enter photos in our Berry Picking Photo Contest. The details are below:We started this contest before Covid and we are excited to try it again this year.We are doing it a little differently this […]

Newsletter: 2021 Berry Picking Photo Contest

Hi everyone! We are excited to announce our 2021 Berry Picking Photo Contest!We started this contest before Covid and we are excited to try it again this year.We are doing it a little differently this year. Rather than awarding a simple first, second and third place prize, we are picking a favorite blueberry, raspberry AND […]

Newsletter: Fruit Salad Picking

Hello everyone! We are now u-picking strawberries, red raspberries and blueberries.   U-pick has been going really well this year!  Black raspberries should be coming up soon. We don’t grow blackberries here anymore, but we have a local woman who brings some to sell in our market and they are amazing.  These should be ready in […]

Newsletter: They’re Coming…

Hello everyone! It feels like every third call to our market is about strawberries!  We get it!  They are coming.  We promise.  And with this hot weather, they will come even sooner.  We still don’t know the date they will be open for picking or available to buy in our store, but we will let […]

Changes to Our Mask Policy

Hi everyone. I’m a couple of days late in writing this…I’m sorry. Things are beyond crazy here this time of year. We have followed the state of Ohio in dropping our mask requirement. We are still RECOMMENDING wearing masks while shopping with us if you aren’t vaccinated (per CDC guidelines), but we will no longer […]

Newsletter: Babies Everywhere!

Hello everyone! There are babies everywhere on our orchard!  Abbie had fun picking some on a long Kubota ride around our property.  She found a baby peach and a baby apple and was excited to take them home!   I wanted to make sure I mentioned that startingTUESDAY, JUNE 1st, we are returning to our SUMMER HOURS.  […]