Sunshine and Honeybells

Hello everyone. Another week, another newsletter!  Yay consistent me!  This week started off snowy and blustery.  I hope everyone stayed safe and cozy.  I love the view in the winter from our store.  Especially when the sun is shining and it pours in the windows.   The one thing about posting weekly in the winter is […]

Can’t Have Too Much of a Good Thing?

Hello Everyone! Ok, ok… I promise I will not make every newsletter from here on out about our new puppy, Cooper.  But look at him…he’s too cute not to share one more time. 🙂  For anyone who is curious, he is an Eurasier.  He will probably grow to be about 50-55 pounds.  Eurasiers are a primarily […]

A New Addition to Our Family!

Hello Everyone! We would like to introduce to you…Cooper Vodraska!  Our new puppy!  Chris and I drove to Virginia to pick him up and bring him home this week!  I am sure there will be MANY more photos to show you later, but we wanted to make an official introduction on our newsletter. Needless to […]

Winter Fun!

So, we are a week into 2021!  How is everyone feeling?  I feel about the same!  I was recently thinking about how people might wonder what farmers do during the “off-season.”  I had no idea before I started working with Chris. Turns out, there is a lot to do!  As they say, there is no rest […]