Last updated: 09/22/2019, 9:28am

Available For Picking:

Pick-your-own apples have begun! We have Cortland, Jonagold, Red Delicious, and Holiday available for picking today. All picking will be on top of the our hill, past the u-pick strawberry fields and will be open during our business hours today, 11-5. We will stop selling bags for picking at approximately 4:30 to allow everyone time to pick before we close. You MUST drive up to the orchard to pick…it is a pretty far walk up a fairly steep hill, and on the way down you will be carrying a heavy bag(s) of apples. Minimum purchase is a half bushel bag for $20.

Pick-your-own pumpkins have also begun! Pumpkin picking will start from the same tent as the u-pick apples. As with the apples, you MUST drive up to the pumpkin patch. We will provide wagons for your pumpkins at the patch. Pumpkins are $0.40/lb.

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Fruits and Vegetables Coming Soon

Roxbury Russet, Grimes Golden, and Spigold apples will be ready in a few days.