Last updated: 07/22/2021, 5:32pm

Available For Picking:

Sunday, July 25th (11am-5pm)- Blueberries & red raspberries (almost over)

UPDATE: We are changing the hours of u-pick for weekdays. 

Tuesday-Friday 9am-2pm. 

Weekends stay the same.  Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 11-5

Strawberries and black raspberries are done for the season.  🙁 

Picking is excellent on blueberries right now, especially if you go down the rows a little ways.

Red raspberries are almost over for the season.

🍓WE TAKE CASH OR CREDIT.  No personal checks.

🍓U-pick is open  Tuesday – Friday  9am-2pm
                              Saturday  9am-5pm 
                              Sunday  11am-5pm
🍓We are always closed Mondays. 
🍓U-pick will be the same as last year. The only containers allowed are the white berry buckets you have used with us in the past. If you don’t have one, we have them available for purchase. Unfortunately, we cannot allow any other containers for u-pick.
🍓You cannot mix the berries.  You will need separate buckets for each.  
🍓We do not sell buckets in our store.
🍓When you arrive, drive up the path to the field, park and check in at the shed.  We sell the buckets ($1.50) in the shed.  Stop here before you go and pick if you do not have a white bucket.  These buckets hold about 4-5 pounds of berries when filled. 
🍓Raspberries are $4.60/pound.
🍓Blueberries are $4.10/pound.
🍓U-pick transactions will be handled at the shed.  If the line is super long, we can weigh your berries in the store. 
🍓HENCEFORTH: We will be open for berry picking every day we are open (Tuesday-Sunday) WHEN WE HAVE BERRIES.
🍓If we are picked out, we do our best to get the word out on social media, our website, and our answering machine. Please ALWAYS check Facebook, our website, or call BEFORE you come to pick berries.
🍓If we get picked out, we have to wait for more berries to ripen to re-open the u-pick field.
🍓DOG POLICY– We allow dogs on the orchard property, however, they must be leashed and may not be IN the rows. They are also not allowed in our store or winery, unless they are certified service dogs (health department rules).   
🍓WEATHER POLICY – We close the u-pick fields when there is thunder and lightening or a torrential downpour.  If the storm passes, we will reopen. 
🍓Depending on the weather, strawberry season will most likely last through the end of June.  Raspberry season lasts about three weeks. Blueberries last most of July. 

Currently Available in the Market:

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Fruits and Vegetables:

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Fresh Herbs:

Coming Soon...

Our freestone peaches will be ready later in the month. Redhaven should be ready at the end of the month or beginning of August.  Pristine apples will be ready within the next couple days.