Last updated: 07/16/19

Available For Picking:

The red raspberries are open today, and the picking is really good.  The black raspberries are also open still, but they are mostly over for the season.

The blueberries are also open for picking today. They are at peak and the picking is great! They are the same price as raspberries, so you can mix them into the same container if you want.

You can bring your own non-glass containers to pick into, or we have 5-quart buckets for sale. We weigh your containers before and after you’re done (so make sure to check in before entering the field), so we only charge you for the berries you pick.

U-pick strawberries are over for the year.

Fruits and Vegetables Currently Available in the Market:

Fresh Herbs

Fruits and Vegetables Coming Soon

Our early peaches will start to be ripe hopefully within the week. Pristine apples will be ready within a week or so.