Cider, Honeycrisp and U-Pick

Well, hello again! 

It’s Amanda.

Fall has arrived! I know because for the first few days of cooler weather, I always forget my sweatshirt! I, myself, am excited about the cooler weather and the approach of autumn. 


As we say goodbye to summer and the peaches, don’t be sad…we get to say hello to some amazing fall products and awesome apple varieties!  For example, we are now selling our amazing apple cider in the market.  Legend says it is the best cider in the state of Ohio.  Or maybe it’s just our customers that say that?  Regardless, it’s the best cider I’ve ever consumed.  It’s flash pasteurized and made with a variety of our apples.  It also freezes really well so you can pick a bunch up today and have it all year round!  
Guess what else?!  WE HAVE HONEYCRISP!  I thought I would put that in capital letters because I know it’s a popular item. It seems like Honeycrisp is the Red Haven of apples.  We only sell them in pre-packed 1/4 peck, 1/2 peck and peck size bags.  You can order them for curbside or delivery here
Not a fan of Honeycrisp?  Don’t worry, as we march along the month of September, there are so many wonderful apple varieties for you to try.  Click here to find out what we have in the store.  And coming up soon are: Autumn CrispCrimson CrispMcIntosh and Rubinola.  


Not a surprise to me, 9 out of 10 calls we get these days are asking about U-Pick apples.  So everyone will be excited to learn that we’ve picked a date and we will open the U-Pick portion of our orchard on Tuesday, September 22nd.  U-Pick hours are the same as our market hours.  To pick apples at our orchard, you first need to purchase a 1/2 Bushel plastic bag ($20) from the store (note: this is the ONLY size bag we allow for U-Pick).  On the weekends we will have the shed open outside like we did during berry picking. Then you can pick as many or as few apples as you want.  


Looking for some big pumpkins to add to your fall home decor?  About the same time U-Pick apples start, we will have large pumpkins in the store to purchase by the pound.  If you want to pick your own out in the field, you will be able to ONLY on the weekends.


Soon OUR front porch will be bursting with color!  Not only from the pumpkins, but from the large collection of gorgeous mums!  We are selling these for $4.99.  We also have straw bales for $8.00.


As with berry picking, we are going to do our best to enforce social distancing and mask-wearing while interacting with our staff during this fall season.  Please respect our request to provide the safest environment we can for our customers.  We are happy to be able to host an outdoor fall activity for families during this difficult time, but we have to make sure we keep everyone on our property safe.


Last order of the newsletter.  Apple season is our busy season.  Our really busy season.  On the weekends, don’t be shocked if you see a line forming OUTSIDE our store.  Because of the agricultural nature of our business AND the square footage of our store, we are only allow to have 17 people in our store at one time during this time of Covid restrictions!  Therefore, we might have a staff member tracking people in and out of the store.  Please be patient with us as we navigate how this works with all the limitations! And please know, we deeply appreciate your patronage and your patience. 

Thank you so much for your interest in our farm. Stay safe out there!


P.S. Should I just make a separate section for Abbie News?  This morning she helped me carry out some pie pumpkins to the front of the store.  “Dis biiiiiiig punkin!”  She loves being my helper and would spend the whole day eating cookies and apples, hugging the stuffed animals and reading books in the market if we let her.  She finally started eating corn off the cob, but still won’t touch the broccoli or green beans.  Oh well, she eats an apple a day and is growing like a weed!   

Amazing Books!

My Farm Market highlight for this newsletter is a wonderful collection of books from a publisher called Workmen.  We just got a large order in the store and I love looking at all of the them as I put them out!  They have a variety of books, but I tend to stick to their nature/science based items.  Come check them out and as always, there is a 10% discount on books!

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