Love and Marshmallows

Hello everyone.

I have never been a big Valentine’s Day person, but now that I have a toddler, I have embraced this holiday as an extra special time to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us.  I am excited to give Abigail her little Valentine mail box and help her write little valentines to her family.  

The photo above is one of the gorgeous stained glass hearts from a local artist, Linda Tasku.  She has been supplying our market with wonderful glass work for about a year and we love her stuff!  It sells out every season, so stop on by if you are looking for a unique and one-of-a-kind gift for Valentine’s Day.

The weather report (which I never paid that much attention to until I married a farmer) was calling for some pretty frigid days this week.  But every time I check again, it’s warming up a little.  Let’s hope -5 F is not the actual temperature this Sunday. 

That’s cold.  

 Take care and stay warm,

Amanda, Chris & Abbie

You’re Looking Sharp!

We have more adorable glass work from local artist, Linda Tasku!  I love these sweet little cacti arrangements!
We have these in three different sizes.  They would make a great one of a kind Valentine’s Day gift for someone looking for an alternative to flowers.  I love them and might have to get one for myself!  We only have three in the store at the moment so come in soon!  

Smile S’More

It’s a hot cocoa time of year and what better to pair this with than marshmallows!?  We just brought in some pretty cool handcrafted marshmallows from XOMarshmallows.  We have ones you can pop into your mouth and ones you dip into with a cookie. They are both sweet and delicious and Abbie approved.  We brought in flavors like Cookies & Cream and S’more.  Come in the store and check them out.  They are a great creative alternative to chocolates for Valentine’s Day.  


Best Baking Apple. We get this question all the time. Of course everyone has their personal preference but here’s our advice: crispness is key to a good baking apples.
They can be sweet or tart but they will bake best if they are a crisp apple. Crisp apples keep their structure under heat and don’t turn into mush when cooked. We still have several great options in our store right nowCrisp/sweet options: Fuji, Pink Lady, Golden Delicious, Jonagold and Gala. Crisp/tart options: Granny Smith and Melrose. And don’t forget IdaRed, a baker’s cult favorite, which has notes of both sweet and tart.  Come in get your bake on!
Buy some HERE for curbside or local delivery. 

Elderberry Syrup

We have a new local product in our store!  This is a small batch, hand-crafted elderberry syrup made in Cleveland, Ohio (G.R.A.C.E. Elderberry Co.). It is a syrup blended with a high quality cinnamon and made with elderberries which could help boost the immune system. Unlike other commercial brands, this elderberry syrup is made with ALL natural, organic ingredients. NO artificial sweeteners, NO corn syrup, NO preservatives and NO thickening agents. Due to no thickening agents, the syrup is the consistency of a juice, which does not effect the concentration or effectiveness.  Come check some out.  I am going to try to start using it as a tea in the morning.  🙂 


Cooper’s Corner

Cooper Dooper!  He is acquiring many nicknames as the weeks progress.  And he is progressing really well!  He comes to the orchard with Chris every day, so he’s learning how to be a good boy in his seatbelt harness.  So far, so good! He loves the snow and running around outside.  We are using a snuffle rug and Kongs to help slow down scarfing food while eating and facilitate independent play when we need a break from all the puppy energy.  The good news is he tires out quickly. 🙂 

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